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Master of Culinary Arts Medals

Inaugurated in 1987, the Master of Culinary Arts is held every four years and is seen to be the ultimate accolade, awarded in recognition of outstanding craftsmanship, for Chefs, Pastry Chefs and Restaurant Managers in the UK. Inspired by Michel Bourdin, then Chef de Cuisine at The Connaught and supported by Albert and Michel Roux OBEs the MCA was based on the Meilleur Ouvrier de France (MOF) and was originally known as the Meilleur Ouvrier de Grande Bretagne.

The award of Master of Culinary Arts is conferred on those who have displayed mastery of the complex and specialised knowledge and skills in culinary arts which are required to be a first class chef, pastry chef, or for restaurant management and service. The holder of the Master of Culinary Arts is able to prove advanced technical skill and professional ability; accept accountability for their decision-making; contribute to supervision and management; demonstrate comprehensive knowledge of the principles of sustainability and the viability of our food sources throughout the scope of the food chain; demonstrate leadership and support the development of others; and act in the best interests of the culinary arts profession.

Hidden Hedgerows Beaker

This is the latest piece Fred has produced, in tandem with the oil painting as mention in our previous news post. This beautiful silver and enamel beaker is a complex weave of the amazing colours that can be seen in the hedgerows when walking through the countryside. Fred didn’t want to be too pictorial and so this is more to do with veiled details – a tangled mass of nature revealing hidden textures and pattern and colours where you least expect them.

The oil painting and enamelled beaker, as artworks, perform perfectly well on their own, and Fred was unsure how they would look together, however we are delighted to say that there is a real dynamic between them and the beaker really sings when near the painting.

They will look fantastic amongst the contemporary furniture and silverware at Inspired 2017 from 3 – 6 May at the Goldsmiths Centre London EC1M 5AD.



Inspired 2017 Goldsmiths Centre 3 – 6 May

Hidden Hedgerows is the result of an interesting project to create a painting and a piece of enamelled silver in tandem, ie. working on the two independently over a period of time. Fred formulated his ideas, based on hedgerows, in a small watercolour, and from this he created an enamelled beaker and a larger scale oil painting.

Both the oil painting and enamelled beaker will form part of an eye catching selling exhibition of contemporary furniture and silverware to be held at The Goldsmiths Centre, London EC1m 5AD, next week from 3 – 6 May. Facebook @FestivalOfSilver    festivalofsilver.co.uk.