Hidden Hedgerows Beaker

This beautiful beaker is a complex weave of the amazing colours that can be seen in the hedgerows when walking through the countryside. Fred didn’t want to be too pictorial and so this is more to do with veiled details – a tangled mass of nature revealing hidden textures and pattern and colours where you least expect them.

Silver, silver gilt, and enamel with 22ct gold cloissons.

Street Tweets II

The second Street Tweets beaker, an abstract piece inspired by Fred’s frustration with walking along London’s pavements having to negotiate his way around those oblivious to the outside world transfixed on their mobile phones. Note the gold headphones.

Silver, ruthenium plate, 18 ct gold, and enamel with 22 ct gold cloissons.

Hendrix & Clapton Tankards

A pair of tankards celebrating Jimi Hendrix & Eric Clapton through a depiction of some of their iconic guitars. These include ‘Blackie’, ‘Ivan the Terrible’, and ‘Love Drops’. Silver, silver gilt, 18ct yellow & white gold, 22ct gold, and enamel. The coloured hands represent ‘the blues’, and 18ct white gold has been used for some of the ‘steel’ guitar strings.

An English Garden

A pair of vases depicting the flora and bird life in a specific English garden. The colour pallets have been carefully thought out to make a non-matching but coherent pair. A true tour de force of enamelling, these vases represent the largest pieces Fred has made, standing at 52cm in height. Silver, silver gilt, and enamel with 22ct gold cloissons.

Seahorse Vase

An enamelled underwater theme inspired by a visit to the Great Barrier Reef. The design includes Lemon Angel Fish and a Box Puffer Fish, and two Seahorses lovingly entwined. The height of the vase is 220mm. Silver, silver gilt, and enamel with 22ct gold cloissons.