Master of Culinary Arts Medals

Intriguing medals leave our workshop. Fred designed and produced the original medal back in the 1980s, and has been producing them ever since.

Hidden Hedgerows Beaker

A silver and enamel beaker incorporating 22 carat gold wires, and expressing the hidden mass of colours and textures in the hedgerows.

Inspired 2017 Goldsmiths Centre 3 – 6 May

Hidden Hedgerows is the result of an interesting project to create a painting and a piece of enamelled silver in tandem, ie. working on the two independently over a period of time. Fred formulated his ideas, based on hedgerows, in a small watercolour, and from this he created an enamelled beaker and a larger scale […]

Fred Rich launches new website

We are delighted to launch our new website, beautifully designed and constructed by Richard Webb of Webb London. We were a little daunted at the thought of putting together a new site, with so many images to include, but Richard listened to what we wanted, put forward many helpful suggestions and tips, and we think the result is brilliant. We hope you do too!

Hendrix & Clapton Tankards

Fred has recently completed this stunning commission, a pair of one pint tankards, celebrating Jimi Hendrix and Eric Clapton through a depiction of some of their iconic guitars, including ‘Blackie’, ‘Ivan the Terrible’, and ‘Love Drops’.